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You Will Be Missed

My name is Daniel Maximiadis. I am the adopted son of the late Father Anargyros Maximiadis. I regret to inform everyone that, Rev. Father. A. Maximiadis passed away in his sleep on the 9th of May 2017. For a long time he suffered from Emphysema of which contributed to his passing.

On the day of his passing, I had the great privilege of being there by his side. After spending 3-4 hrs with him saying goodbye, I gave him one last hug and kiss, and told him that I loved him with all my heart and will miss him, which he responded with, “I love you too Daniel. You should be careful not to catch my cold.” This simple, kind and selfless gesture is but a glimpse of who he was as a person, and what he was like throughout his entire life. He always put other people first, often at the expense of himself. He was a man of great integrity, with an abundance of moral principles, that mirrored the Catholic and Orthodox Church, which he admired and belonged to.

This website will be kept up for as long as I live, in memory of him. And hopefully I will be able to have the time to add some more articles to his website.