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Masculinization and Exclusivity of God? 

The New Age Movement’s ploy is attempting to destabilise the Christian Church and its teachings and traditions. The Church has – during the past 2000-year period – survived times of wars, plagues, famine, and persecution. Many Christians were martyred between the 1st and 21st cc. The Orthodox and Roman Catholic church sanctioned the canonisation of approximately 217 martyrs. The first was Stephen, and the last Tsar Nikolai Aleksandrovich Romanov II, and his family. New Age advocates are practised obscurantists, regarding the Church’s historical background. Moreover, the significant contributions it has made in the formation of Western civilisation, e.g., acting as a protecting stockade for continental Europe, against the marauding Mohammedans, consequently, saving Europe from Islamic conquest.

The arguably enduring legacy of Byzantine religious ceremonies, art, education, and architecture; foremost was the great Hagia Sophia (Ἁγία Σοφία) in Constantinople. The continuing preservation, study and dissemination of sacred, and classical text, into continental Europe, leading into the fledgling Renaissance (circa 14th c.). And the Justinian compilation of law [i.e., the Digesta, Codex, and Institutions, and later the Corpus iuris civilis,  circa 534 c.] from which the West viz: Continental Europe, Africa, South America, and to a lesser extent England, North America adopted for their legal systems. These, amongst many other things, are taken for granted today, are the undeniable inheritances from a highly developed Christian culture, rather than a pagan world.

The Church – from the perspective of historical principals – is both an organic and spiritual entity, with an undeniable apostolic continuity; from the primitive Church in Jerusalem. New Age advocates prefer to focus on unimportant errors and faults, to gloss over the significant contributions the Church has made over the centuries, by inconsequential questions and opinions.

Father Maximiadis.