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I’m privileged to introduce the personal Home Page (5th Edition) of my adopted father, friend and mentor, the late Reverend Father A. Maximiadis, Autocep. east.O. Pr. Father Maximiadis is an ordained priest of the Greek Orthodox Church. He has served, without remuneration in three Community Churches; both Greek and Cyprian. Additional to his liturgical duties, under instructions from his Archbishop (His Eminence Àrchbishop Spyridon (Prós tón Sevasmótaton Árhiepískopon Spyrídon ó Ámerikés kaí Aústralías), now retired, was Consecrated by Árhiepískopos Gregóriou and Árhiepískopos Genná diou,Saint Mary’s Cathedral, Chicago, Illinois USA; 23 February 1969 [‘National Greek Tribune’, Èthnikón Vïma, Pémbti 27 Fevrooários 1969, Selís 1, kaí 2a]. His Eminence was Father’s ordaining Bishop under whose Episcopal direction, and blessings; the spiritual and secular works were performed. (Photograph below)), engaged in welfare work and counselling, particularly in respect to substance abuse; in the wider community.

Πρòς τòν Σεβασμιωτατον ′Αρχιεπισκοπον Σπυρíδων

His lifelong mission from age 16 (‘Coburg Courier’, 3/10/1951) has been a communicating the Christian ethic through social welfare activities rather than proselytizing, particularly with the underprivileged and those without power for the most part on the fringe of society. His mission statement has been a “… doctrine of love and help for his fellow men … (asking) no prerequisites, commitment, and expects no reward” (Jocelyn Howard, ‘Melbourne Observer’).

In May 1968 he established The Good Samaritan Ministry in Australia for its parent Foundation at San Diego California to serve the welfare needs of the marginalized members of the community.

In 1973 he was invited by the Students Representative Council, at the R.M.I.T. (now the Royal Melbourne University of Technology), to establish and direct an informal communication centre; The Metaphysical Workshop (‘The Sun’ 5/4/1973).

In 1972-1973 he acted together with Ian Channell, Cosmologer and Archwizard (Melbourne University) in matters concerning human identity and cosmology from a religio-philosophical view; in Canberra, and at the R.M.I.T.

In October 1973 he was appointed an honorary Probation Officer of all Adult and Children’s Courts in Victoria, and was activist for animal rights, chairman of the Anti-Vivisection Union of Australia (now Animal Rights), co-founder of the Humane Research Foundation of Australia (‘The Sun’, 4/10/1975), committee member of the ‘White House’ crisis accommodation centre Interim Planning Group; and the Fitzroy Advisory Service. He provided material support to homeless youth in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

In 1973 he appeared on the Sydney based ‘Bob Roger’s Show’ for the Channel 9 Network, and in the ensuing years on other television and radio broadcasts in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide; and Byron Bay. He has counselled show business personalities on tour, from Europe, Japan and the United States, written articles for the ‘Catalyst’; and was a columnist for the ‘Fitzroy News’. He has given lectures and talks in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane, on paranormal related subjects, and on various aspects of his work, at tertiary educational institutions; and various welfare agencies.

In 1977 he pioneered a project, known as ‘The Sanctuary’, to provide health care and social welfare services for prostitutes and their infants. He produced, published and distributed, gratis, a publication called the ‘Parlour Weekly’, for prostitutes in New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia.

Father is a charismatic figure. He is tenacious, eclectic, enigmatic, egalitarian, apolitical, eccentric; and occasionally intellectually arrogant. His critics are on public record suggesting that he is “Either a crank or a very powerful thinker beyond pedestrian understanding” (Myles Byrne, ‘Weekender’), with a disposition that would “… make the most hardened atheist warm to the church”, and that: “the target (of his) sermons is not the local sinners but those who help the rich and powerful … particularly in the firing line are … those who rule” (Bill Calder, ‘The Melbourne Times’). Ian Channell, now official Arch-wizard of New Zealand, once described him as having “No sign of the fear or pride thatproduces the closed mind and the closed fist and the closed heart”. His critics further suggest that he is ‘an increasingly tiresome and obtrusive figure of dubious background’, ‘counterfeit’, ‘controversial’, ‘politically motivated’; and ‘disruptive to a city by his rowdy demonstrations’.

Father’s Home Page is a personal web site with no affiliation with the Greek Orthodox Church. The views and opinions published on this site are unrepresentative of the Church and are solely those of Father or contributors. Father’s Page is a miscellany of contents: memoirs, views, opinions, open letters, quotations, articles, letters you may wish to include. He hopes that friends, old and new alike, will rendezvous on this site; time and time again.